[!]Struck By b4tchFw34k | Nigerian Cyber Army

The Notorious Hackers are Back

Cos To Her i'm Just a Rapper and soon she'll have met another

Yes Your Website Got Stamped By Nigerian Leets

So if tonight's an accident,

tomorrow we'll recover.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

[#] Greets: My brothers CyberManiac, D4rk Hax0r, Gh0st_KiLL37,  CyBerMad, D@rK 

Sh@Dow, Sri-H@x07

WE ARE: Dr41DeY - B4tchFw34k - R3D-Spear -Bitire215 - Gh0sth4x0r - Mr.Gh0st -cyBerGuru - cYb3r 

M4R$#4L - Mrpor7al - Zombie_L337 -  Angel dot id - d@rk lord - Nigerian Cyber Army

[#] Contact: batchfweak@gmail.com